Tuesday 28th December 2021 (Bank Holiday)


We have been running for about 15 years now between Christmas and New Year.


The start is at Burbidge's Bakery Andover SP10 3BH, all vans and trailers go to The Bell Inn Weyhill SP11 0PN. When at The Bell Inn you will be directed to the back field, NO PARKING OUT FRONT very important. There is no charge for camping overnight if you wish to.


On the morning of the event solo bikes only to the start at Burbidge's Bakery follow directions where to park, we fill up local spaces, church hall and behind the bakery first.

Please take care not to rev engines as locals are still asleep, just take care as you are an ambassador for this very special event.

So on arrival you park up real tight and follow your nose to the bake house where you pay £40 cash, then it’s as much tea and coffee and breakfast as you can eat. 4 log burning stoves are there to thaw you out after a long ride, we have had some cold events in the past. At 10.00 on the dot there’s a very short briefing on what your about to expect what to do and what not to do.


After the briefing you pick your guide, there are many different types of guided runs, PROGRESSIVE, INTERMEDIATE, BEGINNERS and GRAVEL ROADS.

Then between 10:15 and 10:30 you should be on the way, this part needs to be taken very slowly we don't need any confrontations with other traffic or people on foot.

So the guide needs to get you to the lunch stop R.HUNT Agricultural Engineers Tilshead SP3 4RX where lunch is served, between 1-2pm. Then a ride down to Imber The Lost Village, where we visit. The guides will discuss whether you wish to carry on or change group, its totally up to you.

This is more of a fellowship event in no way a race it’s a day out meeting and making friends.

Most return to The Bell Inn and have a beer and pack up, with great chatting about a wonderful day.